How To Make A Table In Google Sheets (Quick Guide)

To create a table in Google Sheets, simply input your data, highlight the cells, and utilize the built-in formatting tools to customize your table. Enhance your table with features like filters, sorting, and alternating row colors, and follow best practices for effective table design.

Creating a table in Google Sheets is very easy and straightforward, even for beginners. With just a few clicks, you can quickly format and organize your data into a neat and professional-looking table. In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to create a table in Google Sheets.

Creating and Formatting a Table in Google Sheets

Creating and formatting a table in Google Sheets is an efficient way to present and manipulate your data. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a table with proper formatting, including headers, adjusted column widths, and borders:

1. Open Google Sheets: Visit the Google Sheets website and sign in with your Google account.

2. Create a new spreadsheet: Click on “Blank” or the “+” icon to open a new document where you can start inputting your data.

3. Enter data: Fill in your data, organizing it into rows and columns within the cells.

4. Add headers: Type a descriptive header for each column in the first row. To emphasize headers, select the entire row, click the “Format” tab, and choose “Bold.”

5. Adjust column width: To modify the width of a column, hover your cursor over the space between two column headers (above the dividing line). Click and drag the border to the desired width.

6. Apply borders: Select your table by clicking and dragging over the cells. Then, click the “Borders” icon (a square with a border) in the toolbar, and choose your preferred border style and color.

7. Format cells: Highlight the cells you want to format, select the “Format” tab, and pick the relevant formatting options (e.g., text alignment, background color).

By following these steps, you’ll achieve a well-formatted table in Google Sheets that allows for easy organization and analysis of your data.


Creating a table in Google Sheets is a simple process that can help you organize your data in a professional and visually appealing way. By following the steps outlined in this quick guide, you can easily create a table, format it to your liking, and even customize it with various design options.