How To Print Labels From Excel (Quick Guide)

To print labels from Excel, you need to prepare your data in Excel and use Word’s mail merge feature to create customized labels. Once set up, you can finalize and print the labels using both Excel and Word.

Manually writing out labels can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if you have a large number of labels to print. Fortunately, Excel offers a quick and easy way to print labels directly from your spreadsheet data.

In this quick guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of printing labels from Excel so that you can save time and effort when printing out your address labels.

Before You Begin: Prepare Your Data

Preparing your Excel data for label printing is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and efficient label customization process. Follow these essential instructions on how to arrange, set up, and format your data in Excel to create a workbook ready for printing labels:

  • Structure your data: Organize your information into columns with specific headings, such as names, addresses, or product details. This simplification will help you locate and edit relevant details with ease.
  • Consistency is key: Ensure uniform column widths and row heights, which will aid in easy integration with Word when using the mail merge feature. Consistency will also contribute to a more professional appearance.
  • Formatting tools: Make use of Excel’s built-in formatting tools to properly align text, apply suitable font styles and sizes, and adjust colors or borders as needed. Effective formatting aids readability and data management.
  • Validate and clean data: Remove any duplicate entries, correct typos or errors, and ensure all required information is present. This step helps guarantee that your final labels are accurate and consistent.

Here is an example datasheet with which we will illustrate the steps for printing labels from excel:

Following these vital instructions, you can create a well-prepared and organized Excel workbook suitable for label printing. This groundwork will simplify using Word’s mail merge feature, streamlining the creation and printing of your customized labels.

Using Word’s Mail Merge Feature for Excel Labels

Using Word’s mail merge feature is an easy method for creating customized Excel labels. Once you have your Excel data prepared and formatted, follow these instructions to utilize the mail merge feature in Word for generating labels:

  • Launch Microsoft Word: Open a new document and click the “Mailings” tab to access the mail merge features.
  • Choose label template: Click on “Start Mail Merge” and select “Labels” to begin the label creation process.
  • Select Label Options: In the popup, select the label options you want to use for the print.

Now the label sheet will open in Word.

  • Connect to Excel data: In the Word doc, click “Select Recipients” under the Mailings tab and choose “Use an Existing List.” Browse and select your prepared Excel workbook, and pick the appropriate worksheet containing your organized data.
  • Insert merge fields: Add merge fields that correspond to your Excel column headers by clicking on “Insert Merge Field.” Make sure to arrange and format these fields to design your desired label appearance.
  • Propagate labels: Click on “Update Labels” to apply the same layout and merge fields to all labels on your sheet.
  • Finish and Merge: Press the “Finish and Merge” option and then select “Edit Individual Documents.” Select either “All” or the preferred number of records to be merged.

That’s it; done. Now you can proceed to print by pressing “CTRL+P”.

Following these steps, you can successfully create and print labels using Word’s mail merge feature alongside your prepared Excel data. This process ensures a streamlined and efficient label customization experience.


Following the steps outlined in this quick guide, you can efficiently print out address labels from your Excel spreadsheet data, saving you time and effort. Whether you need to print out a few labels or a large batch, Excel offers a reliable and flexible solution for your labeling needs. So go ahead and try printing labels from Excel today, and streamline your label printing process for good!