How to Round Numbers to the Desired Multiple (MROUND)

In this tutorial, we will explore the basics of the MROUND function, its syntax, and its usage. This function is a useful tool for rounding numbers to a specified multiple. This function can come in handy in various financial, mathematical, and statistical applications.

The MROUND function in Microsoft Excel is a mathematical function used to round a number to the nearest specified multiple. The syntax for MROUND is as follows:

MROUND(number, multiple)


  • “number” is the value you want to round
  • “multiple” is the value to which you want to round the number

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the MROUND function:

  1. Type “=MROUND(“ and then select or type the number that you want to round.
  2. Type a comma (,) and then select or type the multiple to which you want to round the number.
  3. Close the parentheses by typing “)”.
  4. Press the Enter key to get the result.

Note: When rounding negative numbers, add a negative sign in the multiple syntax. Otherwise, it will return an error.