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Not Equal to in Excel: A basic guide

Duration: 12:47
Submitted: 12 months ago
Views: 374

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Description: This video will show you how to use the NOT EQUAL TO operator in Microsoft excel with helper functions like IF function, AVERAGE IF Function, and COUNTIF Function. NOT EQUAL TO is an operator denoted as "<>" which is being used to compare or check if one value is not equal to another value in your worksheet. It's very common for numerical or logical calculation in Microsoft Excel. As the name suggests "NOT EQUAL TO", If you have data and want to sort duplication of text strings or numbers then this comes very handy. Let's say if you want to compare A1 cell should not be equal to B1, then you can simply put the formula i.e. A1<>B1 in cell C1, and it will return boolean values i.e. True or False. Do follow the video using the following timeline for the video; Table Of Content: 00:00 Introduction 00:56 Not Equal to In Excel Basics 02:00 Not Equal to In Excel Using IF Function 06:24 Not Equal to In Excel Using COUNTIF Function 11:10 Not Equal to In Excel Using AVERAGEIF Function 06:50 Conclusion In this video, we have explained the basics of NOT EQUAL TO with basic examples along with logical functions like IF, AVERAGEIF, COUNTIF using 3 different and practical examples to practice for you. If you want to download the same excel sheet used in the video you can download using the link below.