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FIND Function in Excel

Duration: 6:35
Submitted: 12 months ago
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Description: In order to locate text in an Excel worksheet, you can use the FIND function. You can either supply the text directly into the formula or supply a cell reference for the text to be found. In either case, the FIND function will return the position of the character or string within a specified range. The FIND function will return 1 if it finds a string that contains the text you are looking for. The FIND function is case-sensitive, so you should specify a starting point and endpoint in the cell you want to search. Let's see the syntax and argument of the FIND Function in excel; =FIND(find_text,within_text,start_num) Find_text - text you want to find. Within_text - text containing the text you want to find. Start_num - specifies the character at which to start the search. The first character in within_text is character number 1. If you omit start_num, it is assumed to be 1. Table of Content; 00:00 Introduction 00:19 Find Function in Excel 05:56 Conclusion The FIND Function in Excel is a helpful tool for many different applications. Unlike the SEARCH function, it does not mind the cast of characters. In the example above, the FIND function will return "Good Morning," but not the word "good." In this case, the function will return a number, rather than a string. You can also specify the starting position of the string, which is called a range. The FIND function is case-sensitive and works best with two arguments. The first argument is the text string you're looking for. The second argument is the location of the text. The third argument is the start-number. This identifies the position of the left and right parenthesis. The final argument, within_text, is optional. In this case, the FIND function will start searching at position six. The FIND function is a useful tool for finding characters in an Excel spreadsheet. It works by comparing two strings and locating the first character in each one. It also allows you to specify a wildcard character. To use this function in an Excel worksheet, you need to specify the start-num argument. By default, this argument is set to one. The Start-number argument specifies the position from which the search should begin. The FIND Function returns the numerical position of a text string. You can search the entire sheet or a specific cell in the spreadsheet. Using the FIND function in Excel is a great way to find the correct character in a text string. There are also other ways to search a string. You can combine a string with a single word to make it appear in a new row. You can also use a combination of these functions to perform complex tasks. The FIND function can be used to extract the first word from a specific text. The search begins at the first character of the string. If you are searching for a name in a column, you can use the FIND function to find the first word in that column. The space is treated as a character in the spreadsheet. In the case of an email id, it will be the value of the 'T'. The FIND function in excel is case-sensitive. The first character of a text string will be found using the SEARCH function. In other words, it is case-sensitive. If the text contains a space, the FIND function will return the position of the next character after the first. It is possible to locate a dash in a text string by referencing a cell with a formula. For instance, if the string begins with a letter, the formula =FIND("a"). The FIND function in Excel is case-sensitive. It can be used to find a specific character in a string. It can be nested in multiple functions, but it can also be used on its own. The first two arguments are required while the third is optional. The third argument is optional. If the FIND function returns a result that does not match the specified value, the error will be returned with an error code. The FIND function in excel is case-sensitive. It accepts a text as a parameter. The result will be a numeric value if the text contains the word. The FIND function in excel is case-insensitive and does not consider the case. If you have a string in column C, you can use the RIGHT function to extract the last name. Otherwise, you can enter the text in column C.