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Count the Number of Errors using Excel's ISERROR, IF and COUNT Function

Duration: 5:41
Submitted: 12 months ago
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Description: Do you count errors in Excel? You know, the error function. If so, then this video is for you! In this chapter, we will count errors in Excel using the same with helpers functions like IF Functions and COUNT Function. In this video, We will be going all-in for advanced calculation of count functions with helpers functions like ISERROR, IF Functions along with COUNT Function. Table Of Content: 00:00 Introduction In this section, we are understanding the criteria that occur in your worksheet when you incur a lot of errors in your cell and you want to count it for reference purposes. You will get the demo sheet attached to this video below to work with us or you can work on your own worksheet if you have incurred such excel errors. 01:14 Detect Errors with ISERROR Function ISERROR Function returns a boolean value and detects if there's an error in your mentioned cell or not, Let see the syntax of the ISERROR function. IsError ( expression ) As you can see in the above syntax, if there is an error occurs then it returns TRUE and FALSE when there are no errors. You will get to know more about this function while performing count errors with IF Functionality. 03:00 COUNT Errors Using COUNTIF Function There's also another way to do it, you can also count errors using the COUNTIF function. COUNTIF counts the number of cells that have a particular condition. =COUNTIF( range, criteria) The range is our sheet or more specifically cell where we want to count errors and the Criteria field holds the value TRUE if there are any errors in your mentioned content otherwise it returns FALSE. In this way, you can count the total number of excel errors that occur in the cell, do follow along with the video to know more. 03:52 IF Function IF function is a logical function that returns a logical output based on the criteria is being used. let's see the syntax of the IF Function; IF(logical_test,value_if_true,value_if_false) Logical_test is the condition that you are checking for, if it returns TRUE then IF function will return value_if_true and when data return FALSE to logical test in the formula, It'll count count_value. Now let's understand how we can use this function in our count errors worksheet? 04:46 COUNT Function COUNT Function simply returns a number of cells that contains text strings, numbers etc which are basically non-blank. to understand it further, let's see the argument of the same; COUNT(value1, [value2], ...) Where value_one, [value] is the range of cells that you want to count and count all the cells including text, numbers, etc. So far we have learned about different functions that we can use to count errors in Excel. 05:27 Conclusion Now, we have learnt different ways to count errors and wrap those errors using our default values using IF function and other methods using the COUNT function. If you have any questions in mind do let us know in the comment box.