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IFS Function in Excel

Duration: 8:12
Submitted: 10 months ago
Views: 395

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Description: IFS Function is one of the most popular or most used function in excel which returns values on the basis of multiple conditions. This function is very identical to IF function as we know IF is limited by one condition whereas IFS can perform multiple conditions as we have described in the above video. In above videom we have described each and everything with examples which you can browse by following the table of content. Syntax for the IFS function is: =IFS([Something is True1, Value if True1,Something is True2,Value if True2,Something is True3,Value if True3) Table of Content; 00:00 Introduction 01:10 IFS vs IF Function 04:01 IFS Function In Excel Ex.1 06:10 IFS Function In Excel Ex.2 07:38 Conclusion