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Date and Time Functions in Excel

Duration: 10:09
Submitted: 12 months ago
Views: 442

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Description: Date and Time functions are crucial in order to find specific date or create a timeline in your worksheet. There are various types of Date and Time function which we will be learning in this video and also the playlist associated with it. In this overview video, we have cover the basic workaround of date and time functions like YEAR, MONTH, DATE, TODAY, NOW, TIME. Checkout the timeline below in order to find the basic knowledge of the same. Table Of Content: 00:00 Introduction to Date and time Functions 01:14 YEAR, MONTH, DAY Function - Overview of year function to find the year in selected cells, same goes to MONTH Function and DAY Function. 03:47 DATE Function - DATE Function used when you need to take three separate values and combine them to form a date. 05:29 TODAYS Function is a form of date function that returns the serial number of today's date. 06:24 NOW Function is a form of time function that returns the serial number of the current date and time. 06:54 TIME Function as name says a time function that returns the serial number of a particular time. 09:11 Conclusion