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Two Column Lookup in Excel

Duration: 5:42
Submitted: 8 months ago
Views: 285

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Description: Looking for a quick and easy way to find data in Excel? Perform a two-column lookup! This is an easy way to search through data quickly. In this blog post, we will show you how to do a two-column lookup in Excel. We'll utilize the INDEX MATCH function to do a two-column lookup in Excel. The INDEX MATCH function is a powerful tool for doing two-column lookups in Excel. It can be used to return values from a specific row or column in a table. To perform a two-column lookup in Excel, you will need to use the INDEX and MATCH functions. The INDEX function returns the value of a specific cell in a table, while the MATCH function returns the position of a value in a table. The syntax for the INDEX MATCH function is as follows: =INDEX(table_reference, row_index, column_index) In the INDEX MATCH function, table_reference is the name of the table that you want to look up data in, row_index is the row number that you want to return data from, and column_index is the column number that you want to return data from. The Above example shows how to perform the same. We will be matching columns and rows in INDEX function argument using MATCH Function.